Why use Executive Health?

Proactive healthcare is the major tool in maintaining well-being and preventing chronic disease process.

A comprehensive health assessment can determine wellness objectives for the individual to incorporate into their lifestyle.  The objectives are set to prevent the occurrence of negative health events that would prohibit full participation in work and home. 

The advancement of modern careers and work includes more intensive activity which can encroach on personal time and space. The development of poor health issues impacts in professions with high levels of responsibility.  Significant impacts can interfere with the outcomes of business organizations and disrupt families. Fulfilling these roles can reduce time to attend to personal needs, losing valuable time and energy due to unexpected disease processes.

By focusing on health and wellbeing there is an opportunity for reflection on lifestyle management.  This will allow for the development of good health practices and the ability to continue participating in all aspects of personal life and work.

The negative economic impact of chronic medical conditions should also be considered. The common factor in most studies of long-term conditions is that the cost is enormous and increasing. Preventative medicine can only assist reduce the financial burden of disease.

The health benefits

  • Management of your Health and Wellbeing for a Productive Life.
  • To ensure that you are in good health and able to enjoy all the challenges of life and decrease stress.
  • To identify risk-factor associated behaviours and to modify these to prevent long term conditions.
  • Periodic specialist medical assessments to assist in the management of your health

Rationale for approach

A common factor of long-term conditions is that the cost is enormous, and continuing to increase. In their 2009 report, the Ministry of Health stated, ‘Health gain in itself is the primary goal of health care, and potential economic benefits is just another incentive on the way to achieving that goal.’

This clinic has a view to use preventative measures to identify and reduce the progression of early warning signs into established chronic disease.

While keeping these in mind,  our clinic aims to:

  • Promote tailored health management opportunities for the individual. Provide improvement to the individuals health perspective and establish pathways to prevent chronic disease.
  • Identification of behaviour’s that increase risk factors for chronic disease. We offer guidance to modify behaviour associated with risk for long term disease.
  • Empower clients with tools to achieve a healthy lifestyle using best practice guidelines.
  • Provides a platform for supportive business and organisations to encourage  individualized health promotion within their industry. This has positive benefits for both workplace morale and physical health, leading to economic benefit.
  • Using the comprehensive individualized assessment to reduce health costs by focusing on targeted investigations and procedures.

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